Brief Wine Notes – 2007 and 2008 Brick House Chardonnay

19 May

2007 Brick House Chardonnay– from a half bottle – it’s a school night (or at least that was the original plan…)

Beautiful nose of honeycrisp apple, tropical fruit, and wet stone.  Aromas follow through on the palate… crisp acidity, wonderful balance, and the wine seems to gain depth and a hint of sweetness with additional air and a bit of warming from cellar temperature. 

Split the wine with the missus over dinner, but there was just not enough wine so…

2008 Brick House Chardonnay (full 750) – the same aroma and flavor profile as the 2007, but seemingly more full bodied, rounder, and more plush, while still retaining the crisp acidity. 

When I had these a year ago side-by-side at the winery, the 2007 was my clear favorite (I thought the 2008 was flabby by comparison to the sleek racy acidity of the 2007, but the 2008 had only recently been bottled).  Now with another year of age and some time to settle down, the 2008 may turn out to be my current favorite.


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