Thoughts on the State of Wine Social Media Events

6 Jun

#Chardonnay Day was on Thursday, May 26.  Although I had not planned to officially participate (I was just going to pop open a bottle at home), my buddy Keith contacted me Tuesday evening asking if I was doing anything, noting that he was thinking of organizing a local gathering.

Only a few of our local group could attend, so Keith and I settled in and compared the array of bottles that we had selected for the evening’s festivities, set the order of appearance, and started to taste and post to Twitter while we waited for our friend Russell to arrive.

The first thing that Keith and I noted were the sea of tweeters who had no other goal than to tell everyone that they wanted nothing to do with the event or the varietal.  While this most recent event dealt with Chardonnay, we also saw this backlash with the social events for Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Grenache, etc.

No matter what the post or tasting note that was shared, several tweeters consistently brought up other varietals or stated that they could not wait for the event to be over so that they could drink something else.  I saw several that really wanted to discuss Riesling, several who wanted to highlight Malbec, and the like.

The other beast that reared its ugly head was the “chronic retweeter.”  These people seem to live for nothing else than to repeat the thoughts of others.  No original thought, no addition to the fabric of the conversation.  Their goal would appear to be to rank near the top of the statistics of those who sponsor or organize these events.  Ultimately, for those of us to follow these events on sites like Twitterfall, it ends up looking like double vision, with each post appearing at least twice.

I don’t know if there are any real solutions to these issues, as Twitter and the most of the “social media” are nothing if they are not about free and open discussion of thoughts and ideas.   Perhaps these folks will tire of dissent and the contrarian approach, and choose to either abstain from the event or join the discuss with insight and thoughtful posts.


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