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Brief Wine Note – 2004 Dr Loosen Erdener Treppchen Riesling Kabinett

16 Jul

Popped and poured, and then allowed to air over a 2.5 hour period.

Medium amber color, initial attack on the nose of acrid burnt sugar and petrol.  Initially feared that the wine had cooked.   Although it had come from proper storage, always a chance that it had been damaged prior to purchase.

With air, the wine blossomed and began to show lovely aroma as the burnt nose became caramel, with aromas of apple, pear, orange peel, dried flowers, and wet stone.  On the palate the wine has a bit of trapped CO2 and vibrant acidity.  The flavor is probably best described as a being a caramel covered Granny Smith apple from the county fair – in a glass.

Overall a lovely wine that is well into its second phase of life (for those of you who enjoy aged Rieslings as well as fresh ones).  I look forward to sampling and sharing some additional bottles of the ’04 from the cellar, as well as some ’01s, in the coming years.


Brief Wine Notes – 2008 Alexana Signature Pinot Noir

1 Jul

2008 Alexana Signature Pinot Noir.

Barrel Selection – 6 best barrels (140 cases).

Primarily Pommard clone.  Floral nose of rose and violet, red and black cherry, coffee, earth, and a hint of mocha or milk chocolate.  Exceptional balance, long finish.  Very feminine! Very Dundee!

Brief Wine Notes – 2008 Alexana Pinot Noir-Shea Vineyard

1 Jul

2008 Alexana Winery Pinot Noir-Shea Vineyard

A combination of the Wadensvil and 777 clones.  Blocks this wine is made from subtended by sedimentary soils, and relatively open with good exposure, so ripens earlier.

Notes of Chinese five-spice, blueberry, blackberry, and black cherry, with mocha, cinnamon, and a touch of anise/licorice.  About 1/3 new wood for 16 months.  The entry is smooth and light, gaining weight on the tongue, and finishing long with fine dusty tannins.

Brief Wine Notes – 2006 Arterberry Maresh Pinot Noir-Maresh Vineyard

1 Jul

A brief disclaimer to begin with – I am a sucker for most wines originating from this vineyard.  Several winemakers produce vineyard-designate wines from Maresh but, having grown up there, Jimmy Maresh probably has a better idea than most of how to handle the fruit.

Popped and poured from the cooler.  A bit closed on the nose initially, probably a touch below service temperature.  As the wine warms and airs in the glass, aromas of strawberry, red cherry, vanilla, earth, cinnamon, and Asian spices leap from the glass.

On the palate, the wine shows red and black cherry, strawberry, earthy mushroom, sweet tobacco, cinnamon, allspice, and a healthy dollop of white pepper on the finish.

This exceptionally balanced wine glides over the tongue, with fine, silky tannins.  There is plenty of acidity to allow the pairing of this wine with rich foods.

Brief Wine Notes – 2010 Alexana Riesling

26 Jun

The 2010 Alexana Riesling – Willamette valley is vinified in a dry style, with 0.53 Residual Sugar (RS).  Apparently, the typical human limit to sense RS is 0.50%, so this has just the tiniest hint of sweetness.  The pH on this wine is 3.1, which makes it quite bracing and an excellent food wine.

The nose speaks of honeysuckle, gardenia,wet stone, and white peach.  The palate is similar to liquid SweetTart, or your favorite sweet/sour candy.  As noted above, the acidity will grab you, and the finish is long.

I could see this wine pairing well with simply prepared seafood, a variety of Asian dishes, particularly Thai and Vietnamese, or making a great porch wine after a hard day.

Brief Wine Notes – 2000 Vilmart Grand Cellier Rubis Rose Champagne

25 Jun

2000 Grand Cellier Rubis Rose Champagne
(40% Chardonnay, 60% Pinot Noir, aged in new wood for at least 10 months)

Has sort of a strawberry shortcake aroma, with a bit of springtime flowers (iris, cherry blossom, rose).  Has a strawberry velvet-tinged palate, with a good dose of tannins from the wood aging to indicate that this is a wine of substance.  A decent dose of acid further indicates that this wine might last a while.

Brief Wine Notes – 2001 Spottswoode Cabernet

25 Jun

While I may be considered to be guilty of infanticide, I had reason to open this bottle this early, and am quite happy that I did so.  This wine may indeed improve with age, but there is something to be said for enjoying things while you can.

The color of the wine hides its age, showing more purple than garnet.  The aromas are of anise, black currant, blueberry, blackberry, black cherry, vanilla, and spice box.

94% Cabernet Sauvignon with 6% Cabernet Franc-it is amazing how large a role the Franc portrays given the makeup of the wine.  This is a wine of finesse and elegance, although there is a sense of power to the wine as well.

The palate follows the nose.  Black cherry, violets, cassis, blackberry, dark chocolate, and a hint of herbal and floral character from the Franc.  I am intrigued by the different levels of this wine, showing nuance and hints of things to come.